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Acrylic metallic pen on canvas
176 Cm x 165 Cm
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Acrylic metallic pen on canvas
80 Cm x 80 Cm
Product Image
Acrylic on canvas
180 x 120 Cm
Product Image
Acrylic on canvas
90 x 120 Cm
Product Image
Mix media on paper
72 x 102 Cm
Product Image
Mixed media  on canvas
18 x 24 Inch
Product Image
Mixed media  on canvas
24 x 24 Inch
Product Image
Mixed media  on Fabriano Paper
15 x 22 Inch

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Artiner- Where love for art meets the passion for art

We are a platform that brings creative minds and lovers together through the purest and most auspicious thing- ART!

Art is supposedly the best way to express emotions, whether love and affection or anger and grief. When artists Anyone can be an artist, provided the person has creativity embedded deep into each of their nerve cells. Creation is magic, and not everyone can do that. Artists can create something so unique and exquisite that everyone's attention is easily captivated by staring at the sketch or painting. We value art because of the creative skills of artists who put everything into their work.

Art- the silent healer, the mood booster, the decor, and the earner

Art has so much to say and declare that often people fail to identify the emotions and thoughts behind the structures and paints. But that is not the only reason why Artiner values art so much. If you want to know the reasons that compelled us to launch this wonderful online painting platform.

Art depicts creative skills

Anyone can be an artist, provided the person has creativity embedded deep into each of their nerve cells. Creation is magic, and not everyone can do that. Artists can create something so unique and exquisite that everyone's attention is easily captivated by staring at the sketch or painting. We value art because of the creative skills of artists who put everything into their work, whether it is a simple business artwork or for home decor.

It can make anyone happy

Art undeniably can easily lift the mood and make a person happy and satisfied. It doesn't matter what form of art we are talking about. It can be an imaginative scenery or a real-life still picture of caves and waterfalls. Happiness doesn't come from how the artist puts the imagination and reality on paper. Instead, the intriguing play of colors, lines, and other structures is the source of infinite happiness and appreciation.

Art and decor go hand in hand

Many people love to use different art forms to decorate their homes or office cabins. One piece of art can take the interior's aesthetic value to a level beyond our comprehension. But that's not all! Different art pieces telling a series of tales can be hung on the wall to make it a live theater where the painter has spoken about unheard and unspoken stories.

Painting is a stress reliever

There is no doubt that painting is a great form of stress reliever. Many artists have said that the moment they hold a pencil for sketching or a brush for painting, they feel much more relieved than before. With every stroke, they can feel their stress leaving their nerve ends gradually. We support artists because we believe that stress is a killer and should be stopped at once.

Art has an intriguing visual appeal

The visual appeal of art is undeniable, especially when we consider abstract paintings, business paintings, and portraits. The way each line is drawn and the colors are combined is unmatched. Painting is a natural talent that gives us so many wonderful sights to stare at. Perhaps that's why we love art so much and value every artist's efforts to put in the work.

It helps artists utilize their talent

Art is one of the best forms in which artists can easily use their talents and highlight what they have learned all these years. Therefore, we love Indian artwork because it has paved many ways for artists to show how skilled they are.

Art is a form of income

Thanks to the paintings for sale, artists can earn their living through an occupation that is nothing but their love and passion. Many artists have already earned a fortune by selling their paintings online.

Artiner - A Paradigm of Finest Art & Paintings

Artiner is a platform where one can put the original art for sale and find buyers for their creations. Similarly, those who like to buy different forms of art can come and find one they want from our online platform. In other words, we bring together artists and art lovers, ensuring they can easily collaborate and seal the deal.

We aim to establish an online platform where people can easily buy paintings online and at affordable prices. Our platform houses several art forms that will immediately captivate others’ attention. Artiner is one of the fastest-growing platforms for artwork. We ensure painters and other artists can upload their creations on our platform and set a particular price for their creations. On the other hand, buyers can view our collection and purchase the best art that captivates their attention or holds elements of mystery, intrigue, and timeless beauty.

Artiner - The hub of art of all forms

Abstract art

At Artiner, buyers can find several types of abstract paintings for sale. These artworks encompass the elements of surprise, versatility, and uniqueness. One would never find two abstract paintings with the same things, designs, colors, and positions. Every art is so unique that it can easily draw others' attention at first glance only.Artists show their feelings and thoughts through abstract paintings. From combining different colors to drawing shapes and lines, creating an abstract painting requires lots of effort and concentration. Also, artists made sure they painted the concept so that every element included could represent their feelings in the best manner.

Contemporary art

Contemporary art is real-time creative work artists focus more on the painting's message and thought, not the overall aesthetics. It doesn't matter if the painting does not have clear and well-defined lines or blurred paints because contemporary means to represent the present in a unique but impactful manner.

Nature and landscape

As the name suggests, the nature and landscape paintings online put forth the beauty and excellence of nature. It can be a painting of a waterfall with milky white water surrounded by rough cliffs or a scenario of sunset and the horizon. Most nature paintings are based on imagination, while others are replicas of real-time places and natural wonders. The unique structures in the painting and the colors filled in each structure to create realistic imagery make nature and landscape painting popular and loved worldwide.

Pop culture art

Pop culture art brings out the hidden treasures of culture, especially of the pop type. That's why people will find graffiti work, unique geometric art, and so on. Since these represent the very culture of a community, state, or country, they are valued at quite a high level. At Artiner, we have ensured to gather enough pop culture paintings for sale pop culture paintings for sale so that buyers can have multiple options to choose from.

Roadmap we follow at Artiner

We can understand your difficulties in assessing our modus operandi and how we work as a platform for connecting buyers and sellers for art supplies in bulk online. Here, sellers mean the artists, and the buyer group represents people who want to buy the artwork. So, to reduce your hassles and give a brief insight into your business operations, here we have described how we work.
1. Step 1: First, the artists upload their creative work samples on your website by clicking a high-definition image.
2. Step 2: Artists need to set a price at which they want to sell their work. We have placed some guidelines for setting the price so that our collection can be affordable for everyone.
3. Step 3: Buyers can scroll through the collections to find something representing their personality, thought process, and mindset.
4. Step 4: Once they are sure about the artwork, they make the payment, and we send them the order confirmation.
5. Step 5: We collect the painting from the artists and deliver the same to the buyers on time.

Artiner - The one-stop destination for artists and art lovers

Diverse art collection

We have a diverse art collection, from pop culture paintings to sculptures and nature sketches. So, art lovers can easily get the best art for themselves, belonging to the niche they love the most. This is why Artiner has become so popular for both artists and art buyers. While art lovers will have a plethora of options to choose from according to their liking, artists can add paintings belonging to different categories.

Affordable prices for buyers

We have ensured to keep the artwork prices within affordable ranges. This is why buyers don’t find it difficult to buy their favorite art from our platform. We also offer seasonal discounts and many offers to increase customer satisfaction and allow art lovers to get something they love the most.

The higher profit margin for sellers

Our team has also thought about the sellers and devised the price rules so that these professionals can have a higher profit margin. So, earning from our platform won’t be too bad because we understand how many artists consider selling paintings as their occupation. That’s why we aim to offer the best profit margin to the artist.

Quality services

When it comes to a platform like ours where paintings are sold, quality is one of the major determinants of success and revenue. This is why we have formulated our principles and working operations so that the quality is never compromised. Even when we deliver the paintings to the buyers after collecting them from the sellers, we ensure that the artwork is in proper condition and without any damage.

Doorstep deliveries

Artiner has adopted the concept of doorstep deliveries to ensure our buyers can get their artwork without visiting any physical store and spending hours. We aim to create a hassle-free communication channel between artists and art lovers, which is why our platform has incorporated principles of the same-day, urgent, and on-time dispatch and delivery of the paintings.

On-time and punctual team

Our team is very punctual, and they value time like none. Whatever time or date we propose for collecting the paintings from our artists and delivering them to the buyers, we live up to our promises. Even if there is any delay due to unexpected circumstances like bad weather or a shortage of delivery partners, we do inform our artists and buyers about the same.

Collaboration with artists of all levels

We have collaborated with artists belonging to different niches of artwork and different levels, from beginners to experts. We want to give every artist an equal and fair opportunity to highlight their skills and talent while earning money through the online selling of their paintings.

Easy website navigation

Our online website features easy navigation because we don’t want our buyers to face any difficulty while browsing through the collections of various art forms and paintings. In addition, we have kept the design simplistic and intuitive to keep our artists and art lovers engaged, thereby acting as a catalyst for their passion and love for art.

Guaranteed original work

We do not tolerate any forgery or unauthenticated work. That's why we take the guarantee about delivering only the original work from our painters to the buyers at any cost. We believe that the true essence of the painting, whatever its type, can be felt only when a person views the original work. Besides, we know our artists' effort and time in creating such fascinating work.

Art is the medium for so many activities and Artiner is the medium for artists and art lovers!

Are you an artist looking for a platform to sell your paintings and other forms of artwork while having a higher profit margin?
Are you a buyer who loves to buy artwork of different types because you find them resonating and impactful?

If it is a yes to both the questions above, we can proudly say that Artiner is your ultimate stop where artists can sell their paintings and earn money while buyers can get amazing artwork and sketches. We value art because of its purity, the way of communicating thoughts and messages that can't be spoken through words, and the true feelings associated with every color, line, and structure present on the paper.