All Faq's

We select our artists, and they choose the works they want to sell. Nevertheless, we do moderate the content and it is possible that we may remove a work if its authenticity is questioned.
All of our artists are well established in their country of residence. We identify these artists across the globe so we can offer you a diverse, high-quality international selection. Are you an artist? Please feel free to apply through this page. We respond to all applications.
All the works on ARTINER are original artworks; they are not reproduced and further editions are not published by the artist (especially in the case of photography).
An edition is when there are several copies of a work, such as in photography. An edition is the specific number of copies that has been created by the artist before the first sale, and this number will not change. For photographs, an established artist generally has an edition size of about 10 while a young photographer may have a larger edition size. In general, the smaller the edition size, the higher the price.
All artworks for sale on ARTINER come with a certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist. Furthermore, all editions (photographs, prints etc.) are numbered and signed by the artist.
A number of our artists accept commissions so please get in touch if the work you love is no longer available!
Not always, as sometimes they have already been sold! If the work has been sold, this is indicated on the artwork page. If you are unable to find another work that you love, do not hesitate to get in touch as we can suggest other works by our artists who are not online yet. Some of our artists also accept commissions!
Absolutely. Sometimes the artist has already chosen a frame, which we can send you a photo of. If the work is not framed, when you make a purchase, you can let us know that you want the work framed. We will make sure we find the perfect frame for you.
When the artwork is already framed, then the frame is a part of the work and therefore included in the price. When the work is unframed, ARTINER offers framing at extra cost and you will be charged for this along with the price of the artwork. We always ensure that the cost of the frame is within your budget.
Our role is to introduce collectors to an artist's works. But you need to look through lots of artworks to make this happen, and we can help you save time! We can offer you a personalised selection of about twenty works which are chosen especially for you. To receive this selection, you can contact us at, or respond to our survey and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.
Not at all - it is a key part of our mission to introduce collectors to new artworks.
It's a great idea to give art as a gift! However, it can be tricky to choose an artwork for another person, even if you know them well. There are two options to help you give a unique gift: we can talk about the person you want to give art to, and think about what they like and what would suit their home. Then we can offer you a personalised selection within your budget. The other option: give them a Gift Card for an amount of your choice. With each gift card, we offer one hour of personalised advice, to help them choose an artwork they'll love.
If you have an artist name in mind, you can search for them on our artists page. If there are no results, leave us your details. We take all searches on our site into account and we will contact artists whose works interest our users. If the artist joins ARTINER, we will let you know straight away.
This symbol allows you to choose the artworks you love while you're on the site, so you can find them all on one single page. To see this, click on the heart on the main menu. To make sure your favourites are saved and so that you can see them on another device, we recommend creating an account.
The dimensions of the work are specified on the artwork page. Any further questions? Please get in touch - we're here to help and we can send you images to give you a better idea of the dimensions of the work.
The image is an accurate depiction of the artwork, but it has no contract value. We can send you additional images on request. Feel free to take a look at our client feedback. They often tell us that the work is even more beautiful in real life!
To buy an artwork, you have to click on the button "Add to Cart" which is found on all artwork pages and after that following the checkout process. You will then be redirected to your Cart. Once you have clicked 'Proceed', we will ask for your details to organise delivery, and then ask you to choose your method of payment (card, Paypal, or call us for bank transfers). Once the payment has been processed, you will receive confirmation from our payment processor, Stripe. We will then call you right away to confirm that your payment has been received.
All credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express etc.), Paypal and bank transfer.
Once the payment has been processed, the artwork is reserved for you! We will update you about availability of Artwork and delivery times (delivery takes approximately 7 days). Together we will arrange the best day for delivery to the address you provided.
When you make an online payment to ARTINER, the amount will be deducted from your bank account once you complete the payment.
Currently cancellation is not an option available on Artiner. We are ready to help you with all the information you required before you finalize the Artwork and decide to complete the purchase.
Do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any questions: about payment, delivery or anything else. Mail Us:
The works are packaged by the artist and follow a standardized packaging process. We confirm the packaging with the artist before shipping and take care to make sure the work is properly protected.
After the payment has been processed, delivery takes 7 days on average, which leaves time for packaging and shipping. This may vary depending on the artist's availability, potential framing of a work and the distance between the artist's studio and your home. Whatever happens, we will keep you updated.
Depending on the destination and the size of the work, we use delivery companies such as DHL or UPS, or specialist art delivery companies.
We deliver everywhere, or in any case all countries that our delivery companies operate in! Any concerns? Do not hesitate to contact us, as we will be able to find a solution for delivery - even if you live on a desert island!
Absolutely! ARTINER organises and insures the transport of the artwork. You have nothing to worry about and there are no hidden costs. Contact our support team for more information.
Each work is shipped by the artist. So if the two works are by the same artist, they may be delivered at the same time (under normal circumstances). If they are by different artists, the delivery dates will be different. However, if you have an issue and need them to arrive in the same place at the same time, let us know and we will arrange delivery accordingly.
We will deliver to the address you gave on your order. Generally, we set the delivery date with the person who will receive the work and whose name you gave. If it's a surprise or a present, let us know!
That is a shame, but it happens! If this is the case, please contact to our support team and register your issue. Our support team will take appropriate action as per your request.
The artwork was damaged when it arrived. What should I do? Contact us as soon as you notice the damage. Take photos to show us the current state of the work and we will make a decision together. Share all the details with our support team and our team will take care of your case.