Let Today's Contemporary Art Take you on a Wonderful Journey of Paradise.

Artiner, an online art marketplace, is here to connect artists with art lovers and spread word about the creativity, thoughts, emotions, and motives behind every creation. Our platform allows artists to sell their paintings online at competitive prices. Art lovers can buy some of the unique masterpieces without placing bids and waiting in the queue, like in exhibitions or art markets.

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If you want to sell your contemporary art as an artist or buy one as an art lover, Artiner is your one-stop destination. Come and join us on this endeavor, where we will help you discover the true beauty, sheer elegance, and pristine serenity of contemporary artwork, whether it is a nature painting or a beautiful canvas portrait.

What is Contemporary Art: The Art of the Modern Age

The art forms have changed significantly over the past centuries, whether in terms of the colors and motifs used in different paintings or how artists depicted their creations. However, contemporary art paintings have truly revolutionized how artists and art lovers depict the emotions and thoughts of each masterpiece.

Also known as the art of the modern era, contemporary artwork is a vast category encompassing all paintings and portraits done after the mid-19th century. This separates it from other painting forms practiced before the 19th century. Every single art piece has a specific set of thoughts and emotions from the artist's side, which is why most contemporary paintings are often the speaker of many realistic and imaginary tales.

Whether it is a painting depicting the wars of the past or a portrait of a modern-day woman, most contemporary artwork has a specific tale that speaks of different emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. That's why it is considered one of the best ways to express emotions dramatically and creatively.

Contemporary Art Types We Have at Artiner

Artiner is the one-stop destination for artists and art lovers. We celebrate the unique skills to create masterpieces like landscape paintings, portrait sketches, and many more while valuing people's love for this specific art type. At our online marketplace, art lovers will come across a wide range of artworks, including:

1. Social life paintings depict how people spend their lives at their houses, on the road, etc.
2. Nature and landscape paintings depict the beauty and sheer elegance of nature.
3. Portraits are also crucial in modern contemporary art, where the person's facial details and expressions are highlighted with oil paints, sketches, and charcoals.
4. Historic, contemporary paintings depict several past events and are references for learning about ancient times.
5. Postmodernity paintings depict the future based on present-day perceptions.

How is Contemporary Art Different from Modern-Age Painting?

We have always wondered what the difference between contemporary art and modern art is because the timeline overlaps. With intense research and comparing various artwork elements, we understood that modern-day paintings are based on current happenings with no reference to the past. Besides, these artwork pieces explain the changes in people's thoughts based on the changing situations.

On the other hand, contemporary art for sale is much different because the paintings draw references from the past, explain the shift in mindset and perception, and many more. So, contemporary art often bridges modern and old-themed art forms.

A Versatile Contemporary Art Gallery

At Artiner, we have created a new contemporary art gallery where artists upload their paintings and place a fair price for their works. Art lovers explore our online digital art marketplace and enjoy the same feeling of art galleries as physical establishments. Therefore, our gallery is not just to sell the paintings but also to connect artists and art lovers at a much deeper emotional level.

Our online art gallery provides a deeper insight into different forms of contemporary art, describing the past, figurines, shifts in generation behavior, and many more. Therefore, we have successfully popularized contemporary art in the best possible way.

Why Choose Artiner for Buying Contemporary Art Artworks?

Values art at a deeper level

At Artiner, we always consider the thoughts and emotions of an artist to be more precious and must be valued. That's why we always give thriving and established artists a chance to expose their artwork to the world and allow others to express their views and opinions. Besides, we try as much as possible to bridge the gap between artists and art lovers through our contemporary art pieces.

Versatile artwork collection

Our contemporary art gallery is known for its excellent versatility. We have included a wide range of artwork, from nature paintings to sketches and portraits. That's why our marketplace is known to have everything for everyone. We pay undivided attention to every form of contemporary art and artist.

Hassle-free art purchase process

At Artiner, we have established a hassle-free purchase process for contemporary abstract art for sale. It is one of the many reasons our online marketplace has gained such a huge and inspiring positive response from art lovers across multiple platforms.

Excellent discounts and offers

You can buy contemporary art for sale with excellent discounts and offers. Therefore, no one has to worry about spending hundreds of bucks without having flexibility in terms of art prices.

Artiner- A Marketplace for Artists and Art Lovers Like None

Artiner has become one of the most popular online marketplaces with different contemporary art pieces. Here, art lovers can buy various art pieces like abstract art, pop culture painting, and sculpture while artists can have an additional income train through our marketplace.

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