Want To Decorate Your Interiors Like An Interior Designer? Add Sculptures To Give It A Flair!

Installing various art forms as a means of decorating the home interior has never gone out of fashion. Instead, it highlights the rich taste of the residents and offers an aesthetic appeal to the overall ambience. Be it paintings or sculptures, they have their own stories to tell along with the story of the place and awaken the thought process of the viewer besides being a brilliant showpiece.

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Therefor it is frequently found that interior designers prefer the installation of stone sculptures or marble sculptures in the corners of the room or the dressing space. If this has made you curious, read thoroughly to know more about various types of sculptures and how you can install them inside your house to give it a new flair!

What Is Sculpture?

A sculpture is a three-dimensional art form created by artists either in abstract or representative forms shaped on various materials such as wood, stone, clay, metal, and plastic, among many more. However, the materials found in traditional sculptures include only marble, clay, metal, and wood. However, contemporary art sculptures can be made from various other objects such as polyester, plastic or even objects.

Sculpture as an art form has secured recognition for thousands of years. It serves as decorative items for home or office, representative of human history, culture and tradition and as a work of art to be included in the museum. It can also be used to enhance the view of public places.

What Are The Three Traditional Methods Of Sculpture-Making?

Although contemporary artists have incorporated various modern methods of sculpture-making, the three traditional methods still retain their value and are widely popular. Securing detailed knowledge about all these types will help you to choose the best one that will suit your interior perfectly.


Carving refers to a process of reducing a solid material systematically to create a desirable form out of it through the use of specific tools. The artist can either refer to a model or consider an imaginative model. The procedure undergoes several steps until perfection is achieved.


Modelling is a constructive process in which the sculpture organically grows from within. It is typically an additive process where a malleable or delicate material is given the shape, sometimes with the help of an armature, to get a desired form.


This is another popular traditional method of sculpture-making method where numerous materials are put together to create a desired composition. Like modelling, this is also an additive process.

Why Should You Consider The Inclusion Of Sculpture To Decorate Your Interiors?

The central reason behind the popularity of sculptures is they engage people and simultaneously make them think. The method of creation of sculptures itself evokes a sense of fascination in the mind of the viewers. While installed in the interiors, they can act as initiators of intellectual conversations. Moreover, a sculpture is a beauty in itself. They can add an aesthetic ambience to any place, be it stone or marble sculptures.

Additionally, sculpture as a work of art offers a perfect blend of the classic and the modern. You can choose from abstract art sculptures or Greek-style classical models of sculptures. Marble or stone sculptures are a perfect addition to escalate the warmth and elegance of the interior.

Innovative Tips To Decorate The Interior With Sculptures:

Although sculptures are a beauty in themselves, when considering their inclusion inside the interior, you need to keep several factors in mind. These include the room dynamics, such as changing colour, furniture, wallpaper and any other aspects of the room that might affect the position or presence of the sculpture. Below are some tips to ensure that the sculptures add dimension and depth to the interior.

Furnish The Bookshelves With Sculptures:

Bookshelves are the part of the house that retains an aesthetic appeal in themselves, especially with the inclusion of classic collections. You can decorate it with small and large sculptures to attract guests' attention.

Consider placing the smaller pieces at the front and juxtaposing them with larger pieces of sculpture at the back. However, the size actually depends on the total space and the style of the bookshelf. If you possess a wooden bookshelf, stone or wooden sculptures will offer a stunning display.

Use A Pedestal To Install Any Decorative Sculpture On The Floor:

Using a pedestal for sculpture is undoubtedly innovative and will look captivating inside the home space. The pedestal will add some drama and drive all the attention towards it. They are especially beneficial for the installation of smaller sculptures. Moreover, it is also essential to choose the perfect pedestal design that would go with the sculpture and room aesthetics.

Place An Attractive Sculpture On Kitchen Counters:

With the evolution of modular kitchens, space must not be underestimated. You can install an attractive wooden or stone sculpture on the kitchen counter that will leave your guests awe-struck. Choose eye-catchy designs that would go with the kitchen decor and offer a different tone to it.

Final Thoughts:

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