Explore the world of pop art and meet the artists at Artiner

Artiner is the one-stop destination for every art lover and artist who has an uncanny love for pop culture painting. Our online art gallery is not just for organizing an exhibition or art show. Artiner was conceptualized to bridge the gaps between art lovers and artists by bringing them on the same page. And to say we have been successful in doing so would be an understatement.

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Since our launch, artists and art lovers have received a tremendously positive response worldwide. Every day, a new artist wants to join us and showcases pop artwork for the world to see. Our platform is meant to expose their talent and skills to the entire world, and Artiner is undoubtedly the best place. We want to redefine how people usually perceive pop art and restore its true essence from the 1950s when it first emerged in the USA and UK.

What are the characteristics of pop art that every art lover must know?

During the 1950s, pop culture became quite popular as it defined artwork related to something extravagant, popular, and for the mass. The same elements are incorporated through various colors, signs, motifs, and figures in each pop culture painting. But it might sound unclear, owing to which we have taken it upon ourselves to explain its characteristics. These pointers are what make pop art stand out in the crowd.

1. Relation with everyday love: One of the significant characteristics of pop art that is common in every painting is consumerism. In other words, most pop art paintings have elements one sees in everyday lifestyle, from hamburgers to grocery stands.
2. A mix of popularity and fine art: Pop art has blurred the line between fine art that is unique but not so famous and popular concepts. Everyone is aware of graffiti and street art, and when these are included in a painting done with fine art techniques, the result is defined as pop art.
3. Boldness in colors: If you carefully compare pop culture artwork with other art styles, you will find a striking difference in colors. Usually, most pop artists rely on highlighting the features and the concept of popularity using bold colors that one wouldn't find in fine art.
4. Humor: One of the significant components of pop art is humor. Almost every painting has this element with varying intensity. Whether it is through incorporating a fun element or a critic, humor distinguishes pop art from other styles.
5. Realism incorporation: Most pop painters ensure to take references from real life, like comic books, graffiti, and others, and incorporate the same in their paintings.

Why is pop art considered so different and yet loved by all?

At Artiner, every single pop culture art for sale is so magical and unique that tearing the gazes away from them is pretty tricky. But that's not the case! Pop art is known worldwide for various reasons, and when we witnessed such a tremendous response from art lovers to our collection, we were forced to assess the intentions. After a lot of research, we concluded that pop art is famous and well-known around the globe for an array of reasons. Some of them are:

1. Pop art forms a direct relationship with everyday life or consumerism. Most components of the artwork resemble the things we see in everyday life, which helps establish a direct connection with art lovers.
2. One of the main reasons why we love the famous paintings of pop culture at Artiner is their boldness. The colors, figures, and even the stories being told through the artwork are outspoken and easily relatable.
3. Our pop art collection is for everyone. These paintings do not separate art lovers into different categories, which is undoubtedly one of the many reasons to treasure them.
4. Paintings pop culture is the true manifestation of popular elements that people love and the fine art techniques used to showcase imagination through paintings.

The source of the versatility of Artiner’s pop art collection

We have witnessed art lovers often enquiring why pop art is essential. To answer this question, we diversified our pop art collection by including artwork pieces from both well-established and thriving artists. In addition, we didn't just stick to abstract pop artwork because we know this specific style is quite complex to understand and accept.

So, we diversified our collection with famous pop culture paintings having various subjects and stories. From lanterns painted in blue with newspapers as the frame to the beautiful demonstration of Indian village culture, our collection has got something for everyone.

Artiner is there to form an unbreakable bond between pop artists and art lovers.

With the aim to form an unbreakable bond between artists and art lovers, Artiner brings you a diverse, mind-boggling, and exclusive collection of pop culture paintings. So, if you want to sell your art and earn an attractive price or buy pop art for your house or office, Artiner is your one-stop destination.

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