Wood and Paper Mache: The True Manifestation of 3D Artwork and Creativity

Making paintings is certainly one of the most difficult but creative tasks. But making sculptures has a difficulty index at another level. So, if you want a beautiful sculpture for home decor, Artiner is your best place to go for. At our online digital artwork platform, we promote paintings and sketches and have formed a versatile collection of sculptures made with stones, wood and paper mache. Apart from this, we also have some of the most exquisite creations: metals, ropes, iron, clay, etc. But one thing is uniform in all these artworks: paper mache.

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We aim to promote the culture of paper mache sculptures and art as it is a direct showcase of the artist's creativity and the efforts they put into giving their ideas a true and realistic form. Whether it is a painting of nature made with paper mache or a statue with iron and rope, we ensure every art lover can understand the true essence of sculpting and making various 3D artwork.

What is paper mache, and why is it used in sculpting?

Sculpting with wood and paper mache is a common practice, and it is not something the new-age sculptors have come up with. According to several historical records, the Chinese were the first to use paper mache to create sculptures, sometime between BC 202 and AD 220. It became quite popular during Hans Dynasty, and later on, its popularity spread to most parts of the world.

When we researched more about the historical roots of paper mache, we discovered that it was often used in making regular sculptures during the famous Renaissance period, known as the reign of artists and sculptors. The same sculpting form was used in Persia to make statues, ornaments, and masks. The tradition was further carried to India during the Mughals.

Paper mache is considered one of the fastest and cheapest forms of sculpting, whose elegance and beauty will always remain paramount. That's why Artiner pays gratitude to every artist who uses this ancient form of sculpting to create new artwork in such a beautiful way.

Paper mache sculpting VS other forms: Learn the differences

Since the Stone Age, sculpting has been considered a popular art form. In earlier eras, different types of metals and rocks were used to make sculptures. Later on, during Renaissance, the use of plaster for sculpting became popular. But the concept of paper mache on wood is a completely different aspect. We have seen many sculptures, but at Artiner, we believe paper mache can be given any form without restrictions or limitations.

It offers sculptors to give a realistic form to their ideas and portray their creativity skills. That's why our online digital platform is the one-stop destination for artists using paper mache and wood, metal, stone and other materials to create the most stunning sculptures.

Why do we value paper mache art at Artiner so much?

Artiner might have been the online ground for painters at the beginning. But now, we believe the magic hidden in paper mache art is uncanny and cannot be suppressed by any means. We have seen how people value such forms of sculpting because the very fact that paper mache can be used to make unique artwork and not just kindergarten projects is enthralling in itself.

But that's not the only reason we respect every sculptor highlighting their creativity skills using paper on wood mache. The other causes for our deeper inclination towards this unique form of sculpting are:

1. The efforts put into transforming moist paper and glue solution and giving it a new and unique form are truly commendable. We appreciate every sculptor who spends hours making a 3D statue, mask, or sculpture using paper mache.
2. This form of sculpting has its roots deep into the pages of history, unheard but not ignored. We aim to bring out the hidden talent in artists by creating extraordinary sculptures using paper mache on various bases like a wooden tree stump or metal rods.
3. We want people to understand that a simple crafting solution like paper mache is not limited to kindergarten or kids' projects. It can also be used in real sculpting, which sets us apart from other online digital artwork galleries.

List your paper mache artwork with Artiner in simple steps

If you are a sculptor, do not keep the paper mache art locked up in your house or studio. We at Artiner are giving you an excellent platform to highlight your talent and make it one of the best earning channels.

All you need to do is take pictures of your art and upload them on our online website. Based on its form, exquisiteness, uniqueness, and other factors, place a bid, and once we review it, our experts will set a proper selling price.

Get the most stunning paper mache sculpture from our online platform

If you are looking for famous sculptures made from paper mache on wood, metal, and other bases, Artiner is your one-stop destination. We have a versatile collection that will catch you off-guard, rendering you speechless in awe.

You can buy sculptures to decorate your wall, shelves, and tabletops. The best part is our paper mache art collection is not just for decorating your house and enhancing the aesthetics. Instead, our artwork products can add value to the aesthetics and transform the decor of any place. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our online artwork store and get the best paper mache art!

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